Sampling #doneproperly by Propercorn

PROPERCORN is making popcorn cool... ONYERBIKESEAT has recently worked to produce their fab looking promotional bike seat covers. Part of a wider nationwide marketing drive, the covers have been used to place packets of free PROPERCORN onto bike saddles in cities centers across the country. PROPERCORN is working hard to add a splash of colour and popcorn to everything from buildings and pavements, to shabby phone boxes, Routemaster buses and bikes! 

The campaign rode into London this week, with PROPERCORN taking to the streets to follow the bus route of one of the PROPERCORN branded Routemaster buses. Stopping the traffic, spreading the love of PROPERCORN and adding a splash of colour to the streets of London on the hottest day of the year.

ONYERBIKESEAT worked closely with PROPERCORN to advise and execute the best print production model for reproducing the PROPERCORN brand packaging as a bike seat cover. Choosing the one piece template construction to print the popcorn repeat pattern and branding onto to allow graphics to print over the entire cover. This one piece template also removes the need to sew a side skirt onto the top section of the cover (like our standard covers), making the cover stronger and more waterproof.

The clarity of the PROPERCORN brand and great looking packaging speaks for itself... the attention to detail and execution of the whole brand identity is 'done properly'... Take a look at their website.

2015-07-15 by David Palmer