06 | Newton Europe

Campaign Location: Oxford | October 2018

We were looking to increase the brand awareness of Newton by placing the bike seat covers on bikes at our targeted university. To also show that Newton has an interest in areas outside academia, people appreciate new and different stash! Engage people who might not have heard of Newton and people who might not come up and ask who we are and what we are doing there. Creating impact on the street and draw attention – particularly when bikes are all covered in one area.


Newton is an operational consultancy, helping organisations and businesses in various sectors to improve their systems and processes – with the goal of making them as efficient as possible. We attract the brightest minds from the top universities. Our product is our people, so attracting the best people is essentially the rasion d’etre.


Guerrilla events on targeted University campus – ambushing people with our brand. The bike seat covers were placed on bikes while students were in lectures/in their halls of residence. When students returned to their bike they had a handy Newton bike seat cover.


Its hard to quantify the effectiveness, we had people coming and chatting to us based on having received bike seat covers. All the students that we spoke to loved the bike seat cover, lots of students continued to use them which I regard as a success. It would only work better if we had more covers!


The bike seat covers were really good quality and our target audience absolutely loved them! We used bright fabric colours and attention-grabbing advertising. 

Thanks for the great service.