04 | Propercorn, Done Properly

Campaign Location: UK | June 2015

The aim with this campaign was to provide a random act of kindness to students across the country. Using our nationwide Student Ambassador network and keeping a keen eye on the weather, our teams on the ground were mobilised just before it started to rain in their cities. Whilst their peers were busy revising in the library, Student Ambassadors in 25 cities covered bike seats in and around their campus, and left a little packet of PROPERCORN underneath each cover. When the students returned, they not only found that their bike seats were dry, but that they also had a delicious snack to keep them going.


PROPERCORN believe that everything should be as good as it can possibly be. That’s what done properly means and PROPERCORN pride themselves on it.


PROPERCORN took over 3000 bike seats across the country, putting a packet of Sweet & Salty underneath each one. Sampling #doneproperly.


The campaign has been a complete success, with students up and down the country reacting with joy to finding that their seats were dry from the rain. The colour and stand out design meant that we’ve had a lot of social uploads as well. As testament to the quality of the bike seats – we still have reports of people using them 3 weeks down the line.


"We loved working with David and OnYerBikeSeat, the quality of service was second to none and we plan on working with them more as we move forward." Faraz Aghaei, Propercorn